We thought you’d never ask 🙂

It all began with a problem

Yesterday, the web moved a little too slowly for creative minds, so Macromedia Flash began to push the envelope and blur the distinction between motion and text. Today, a competition for clicks is pervasive.

Websites Built
  • WordPress / PHP

  • Javascript

  • Native and Mobile-first

Q1. What do you charge?
A. There is a set price which fluctuates depending on number of pages, plugins, and CSS programming complexity.

Q2. What is a Website Hosting fee?
A. Website hosting fees pay for electricity, support time, and backups.

Q3. Can I Get Help with WIX?
A. Yes, we can tutor you to be self sufficient and generate your own content on WIX.

Q4. What is UX?
A. You’ll hear us talk about this frequently. UX = User Experience, which is designing for making something easy or pleasant to use.